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Commercial Wiring Services
Mercedes Electric provides a wide variety of common and specialized wiring methods for our customers. We have the knowledge, experience and training to accomplish the wiring service that your facility requires.

Services High Voltage

Services Secondary Commercial

Retrofit Wiring

Secondary Distribution

Electric Service Wiring and Upgrades

Machine Wiring

Warehouse Lighting

Power Factor Correction

Standby Generator Wiring

Legal Required Generator Wiring Emergency Generator Wiring

Transfer Switch

Outdoor Lighting

Transformers / 1, 2 and 3 Phase


Data / Telco Wiring

Electric Fire Pump Wiring

Diesel Fire Pump Wiring

Feeder/Branch Circuit Wiring

Motor / Motor Controls

Hermetic Compressor Feeders

Data Center UPS Wiring and Distribution

Plant Relocation Services

Secondary Metering - Individual and Systems Selective Overcurrent Coordination

TVSS Selection and Installation

High Voltage Generator